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Teaching Pigs to Sing


Referencing my 01/15/2003 post ... Today is a sad day. Today is one of the sadder days of my life. It was today that I told the kid that I was trying to change that I am incapable of providing the leadership that is necessary for him to change. I returned him to "the system" administered by the County of Orange. I gave up. I forced him to provide his own housing on Saturday and Sunday evening prior to moving on Monday to a Board and Care administered by the County of Orange.

I asked the kid to eat, breathe and sleep 'school-study-work'. He couldn't. He wanted to party everyday, work very little, study even less and attend only the classes that require little effort. He couldn't get with my program. I failed to provide the leadership that was required. Damn it!

Today is a sad day.
posted by Randall 11:57 PM

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To teach a pig to sing is futile; it wastes the time of the teacher and annoys the pig!


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