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My new blog is here. I will not be adding to this blog.
posted by Randall 3:12 PM


Referencing my 01/15/2003 post ... Today is a sad day. Today is one of the sadder days of my life. It was today that I told the kid that I was trying to change that I am incapable of providing the leadership that is necessary for him to change. I returned him to "the system" administered by the County of Orange. I gave up. I forced him to provide his own housing on Saturday and Sunday evening prior to moving on Monday to a Board and Care administered by the County of Orange.

I asked the kid to eat, breathe and sleep 'school-study-work'. He couldn't. He wanted to party everyday, work very little, study even less and attend only the classes that require little effort. He couldn't get with my program. I failed to provide the leadership that was required. Damn it!

Today is a sad day.
posted by Randall 11:57 PM


I started this blog for a reason. That reason no longer exists. I modified the blog and no one cared. Now, I shall terminate it, restart it under a new name, and be the better for it. To those who enjoyed my blog and have had an interest in continuing reading, email me ( and I will give the new link. To those who think I am a WASP asshole, I love you too. To those who threaten to spit on me at dinner, you can spit on me only after you graduate with a marketable degree. I have enjoyed the comments, I think I have learned from them, and I wish each of you reader nothing but the best. Bye. Bye. Bye.
posted by Randall 12:57 AM


Referencing my 01/03/2003 post ... I will be taking this kid (he really isn't a kid) under my wing in an attempt to provide the leadership necessary to develop in him the motivation to get this guy to see that his path to the promised land isn't out working for minimumn wage but rather in an educational setting where he will have the opportunity to learn both discipline and academic skills. The plan is to move him into a house in Irvine and get him started in scholl full-time at Irvine Valley College. He will support himself by student loans, grants, work-study and a part-time job (at present.) The greatest challenge will be to keep him away from the Garden Grove party scene. More to come.
posted by Randall 1:57 AM


The Governor of Illinois (George Ryan's) exhibited incredible leadership yesterday by commuting the sentences of all death row inmates. I don't want my government killing people on my behalf. Isn't there a clear difference between ‘justice’ and ‘revenge?’ There is no ‘justice’ in killing - only revenge. Here is the New York Times article.

On another note, Dale Amon of the blog has an interesting piece on jury nullification. Here is the link. I wonder how many prospective jurors have this information?

And the train keeps on a runnin …

posted by Randall 12:54 PM


Today was another long day. Here it is 12:30 am and I am just finishing. I need to get a job that allows me to have a life.
posted by Randall 12:33 AM


A friend of mine who keeps a blog went to see a film that suggested that "us isolationist types should be careful not to let a goal-driven life get in the way of life-affirming experiences. Simply because you have one type of personality does not mean you can't experience all that avaliable. In addition, it got me thinking about gods, creationism, existentialism, time, and all that stuff. Indeed, the more you know, the more you know you don't know. I'm beginning to be content with that." What a great truth.

posted by Randall 9:23 PM

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